Dia de los Muertos – Honor your Ancestors



Mom Doris Gaines
Pop-pop Robert Gaines
Butch Gaines
Uncle Johnnie Gaines
Uncle Bunce Gaines
Great Grandma Estelle Gaines
Great Grandpa Alphonso Gaines
Verna Walker
Toni Walker
John Walker Sr.
John Walker Jr.
Michael Walker Sr.
Mum mum Hazel Mae Smith
Gramps James Smith
Mrytle Frye
Grandma Aida
Clem Still
Grandpa Clifton
Grandma Ella
Aunt Martha
Aunt Mildred
Cousin Dee
Aunt Di
Aunt Nette
Charity Still
James Still
William Still
Peter Still
Thank you for opening the path and continually guiding me. Withoutyou there is no me.

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Kimberly C. Gaines :: sondai expressions

Kimberly C. Gaines is an arts administrative professional with a background in film, photography, arts education and development. Ms. Gaines is an alumna of Howard University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in film. Kimberly also has a Master of Arts in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is an American Association of University Women (AAUW) member and fellow alum.

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Open Your Hand So God May Bless You…


They say that after 29 days of doing something it becomes a habit. I think that is only the case if you are not looking at the calendar to see where day 29 falls or how many days are left. August 1st I started a lifestyle change. Protein and veggies, no carbs, no sweets. I lost about 5 lbs. If I was consistent with my workout schedule I would have probably lost double that. I have always had one or the other… Eat right – don’t workout, Work out – don’t eat right. This time I did bikram yoga. I was good, it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Only thing that stopped the process was my pockets disagreed.

Not only have I been purging unhealthy aspects of my diet and lifestyle, I have been purging things from my home that are no longer of service. I have been to the thrift store and donated about $500 worth of items if not more. From furniture to brick-a-brack and an old radio or two here and there. I have some more to go. Still need to tackle my clothes and shoes. I am not really ready for that. I am my mother’s child and we like to look good! Yes, yes!

The thing is sometimes we hold on. Many of us hold on because we are at the last thread. We are fearful that we won’t get our blessings. How exactly would that be the case? Your blessing are for no one else but you. But here you are with your hands grasping at every weed, every blade of grass, every piece of earth that you can because you are afraid to fall into the blessing that God has for you. Being thread bare makes you look at your situation in an attitude of lack. There are so many posts on Facebook about how “God is good”…. “God don’t give you nothing that you can’t handle”… The truth resonates within us. If you believe then it resonates with you. Yet, there are so many self depreciating acts from those who post the same sayings.”Oh Lord, What did I do?” or “It is always something.”

It took a while for me to really understand faith because I had so many questions. As a Virgo I think that “what if” scenario is often the main culprit in some of my moments of anguish and fear. I can analyze myself into depression I am so good. (Actually, not good. That was sarcasm) The moment you produce a thought of “oh that isn’t going to work” or “I can’t.” you slap faith in the face. You slap God in the face.

The title of this post is Open Your Hand So God May Bless You… I say that because “I don’t believe he has brought me this far to leave me.” I have been the one holding on to that cliff, those blades of grass because the ground was slipping beneath me and I didn’t tap into that faith, that understanding that God would break my fall. The saying is leap and the net shall appear. I ain’t not never really liked heights! The view… spectacular – the danger kept me far enough from the edge to miss the most beautiful sunset that God may have ever created. But the reality of the situation is that fall could be onto a beautiful tufted couch with plenty of pillows. Everything in life happens for a reason. Our blessings are ours alone.

In moving forward what is your intention? Are you going to continue the tug of war with God? Will you keep setting in motion what it is you want only to sabotage it when those negative thoughts creep in?

Give and it shall be given to you good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over will be put into your lap. For the measure that you give will be the measure you get back. (to paraphrase Luke 6:38) Open your hand and release your grip to get your blessings!

Still kickin’…


It has been too long since my last post. Life is a process and bad habits interfere with that process. I want to take this time out to appreciate the body I live in. I know how to adorn it and I can do that very well but being on the go I have a tendency to neglect what I need to revere.

As a result my range of motion is limited. I remember the days of one legs up and booties on the floor. There is one leg up alright and it is propped up on a pillow. I ain’t tryna go out like that. I have been in pain for the last two weeks all because I just ain’t been doing right by me. I haven’t been giving the me support that I require. Please don’t get me wrong, I love me. I just have to do more for me than for other people. So excuse me while I love on myself. (You can stop reading here if you want)
Hey me! I love you! I thank you for you daily support and your mobility.  You are truly amazing and I love the way you get down. You have been my constant foundation and I want to shout you out from the hilltop and let you know I dig you, I feel you and I am utterly in love with you. You are such a blessing and a miracle. I can not roam this world without you and for that I am grateful because who would not want you around.

Thank you for everything,  I love you!

I am concerned…

The state of the world today concerns me. It has put me in a position of confusion. Do I live it up now because the chaos that is coming IS coming and is coming faster than a speeding bullet. Or do I work to combat it. Can I help stop some of the atrocities that are are occurring? I began watching VICE and have become addicted. I can not overt my eyes nor change the channel from the absurdities that are happening on so many levels across the globe. There are so many things that I have seen this evening that I do not even know how to process it or where to begin to discuss it.

For example, in comparison to the effects of global warming, uprisings in Greece, Egypt, and Italy we have uprisings in Chicago. Now… conditions are unmistakably deplorable but here in Exhibit A are the results of fleeing the Southside.

What in heaven? Tell me why have a house with a kitchen if you feed everyone McDonald’s and they eat it in the front yard? This is why I believe in exposure for all “urban” youth. Get out of your environment and see what exists beyond to instill aspiration.

I am going to go now because again. I am just confuddled and up in arms with no clue what-so-ever to do.



Obviously not my tummy...

So I mentioned thinking that we are really in a frenetic time and space. I just have this feeling of all this energy. But working out makes me sleepy. Phew!

I decided to tilt, tuck and tighten at like 4am. I slept HARD and I am still sleepy. My target areas for weight loss are belly, thighs and chin. So ab exercises are being researched and applied. Both floor work and Shaun T methods. Although, Shaun T lies to you about floor work. He does get on the floor to do ab work. We would need… uhhh sorry I fell asleep in mid sentence. No clue where I was going with that.

Yeah. So here is my method every four days; Body wraps and workouts with added veggies in the mix and sleep. So… imma go back and take a nap now.



This works wonders… my elixir.

No… this is not an ode to Diana Ross. I really need to gain some damn upper body strength. What is really messed up is my flu and cold elixir is all prepped just needs to be ingested AND I CAN’T GET IN THE BOTTLE. Why? I have NO upper body strength. See it is times like this when the surface reason of wanting/needing a husband appear. “Babe, Can you take out the trash?” or “Honey, can you open this jar?”. UGH!!! I hate to say it but you know… I am old fashion and those gender roles come in handy… I am not going to lie.

Yeah… I know how to screw in a light bulb, take out the trash… I know where my sway bars are in my truck, I shovel my steps and side walk every year it snows, right out there with the men folk from my neighborhood. But dang it… if I didn’t have to I would be making greens and baking ish, doing crafts and artsy stuff. In this life, I believe we are meant to live in pairs. Noah collected two of each to take with him on the ark… I am just sayin’.

But as usual I digress. So I am all set to nip this scratchy throat in the bud AND I CAN’T GET IN THE BOTTLE! Which really sucks. I have been working around kids lately and they are germ infested because they think the know EVERYTHING. I need an immune boost. I think I am going to try coconut oil. It is good for may uses. We will see how this one works.