Obviously not my tummy...

So I mentioned thinking that we are really in a frenetic time and space. I just have this feeling of all this energy. But working out makes me sleepy. Phew!

I decided to tilt, tuck and tighten at like 4am. I slept HARD and I am still sleepy. My target areas for weight loss are belly, thighs and chin. So ab exercises are being researched and applied. Both floor work and Shaun T methods. Although, Shaun T lies to you about floor work. He does get on the floor to do ab work. We would need… uhhh sorry I fell asleep in mid sentence. No clue where I was going with that.

Yeah. So here is my method every four days; Body wraps and workouts with added veggies in the mix and sleep. So… imma go back and take a nap now.

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