Still kickin’…


It has been too long since my last post. Life is a process and bad habits interfere with that process. I want to take this time out to appreciate the body I live in. I know how to adorn it and I can do that very well but being on the go I have a tendency to neglect what I need to revere.

As a result my range of motion is limited. I remember the days of one legs up and booties on the floor. There is one leg up alright and it is propped up on a pillow. I ain’t tryna go out like that. I have been in pain for the last two weeks all because I just ain’t been doing right by me. I haven’t been giving the me support that I require. Please don’t get me wrong, I love me. I just have to do more for me than for other people. So excuse me while I love on myself. (You can stop reading here if you want)
Hey me! I love you! I thank you for you daily support and your mobility.  You are truly amazing and I love the way you get down. You have been my constant foundation and I want to shout you out from the hilltop and let you know I dig you, I feel you and I am utterly in love with you. You are such a blessing and a miracle. I can not roam this world without you and for that I am grateful because who would not want you around.

Thank you for everything,  I love you!

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