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The Sondai Souq

Night Club Art Exhibitions Don’t Pay Artists

The combination is actually illogical. Night clubs are multi-purposed venues but, art seller is not one of them. While I appreciate the out of the box sentiment that promoters and night club owners have, this forcing of culture is not progressing artist’s careers. In fact, it may very well be pigeon-holing or exploiting the artist by using them as atmosphere or a gimmick making the establishment seem like the “it” place to be.

It is a level of respect for the artist. Show them in the best possible light. You wouldn’t put this Ruud van Empel Dawn #1 piece in a night club.

There are strong drinks and uncontrolled patrons, the arts connoisseur is not there to squint at labels or at paintings for that matter, they are there to shake what the good lord gave them. At this point it has been done. Admittedly, I have seen it done well in some cases. I can not deny that the artist was truly thought about in these situations. I have also seen it done horribly with an artist live painting stuck up in a corner and disrespected by drunken night club goers. Do not be mistaken, I am talking full blown night club here, not gallery parties or buildings converted into gallery spaces. Even though, sometimes the party gets a little too “crunk” in this spaces as well.

YES! Art most of the time equates to a jovial atmosphere. It is a celebration of talent, accomplishment and life on a wall, canvas, pallet, glass or anything else an artist can create upon. These night club exhibitions don’t really allow the work to be seen. Indeed, accolades are awesome, having people surrounding you and smiling, and instagramming pictures with “the artist”, that is cool too. But at the end of the day art for an artist is business. The business is the sale of art. They can’t live off of fun times at the night club.

The point is, the artist must be mindful of their audience and how to reach them. Of course, millionaires are not relegated to galleries. This day an age they walk among us. However, for the artists, please think about perception and presentation. If your art fits in the night club atmosphere and the owner is willing to purchase your pieces to adorn their walls, by all means DO IT. Otherwise please stop with this gallery quality work being installed in spots with rum and coke stained floors and (potentially) art.

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It’s pronounced…

sundie pronounce

I credit southern girl Gaytra Arnold with my company name. We were sitting on the campus of Howard University coming up with business ideas and company names. She liked a few other names but to me sondai stuck. It was defined as “keep pushing forward”. I was smitten from there on, it was a directive and I was compelled to do so. It was a time were I was making new waves in my life, moving to DC sight unseen, being a college student with no supervision and so many new people and perspectives. Sondai told me to keep going regardless of not being able to see the land from which I came but continue on to greater expeditions to come.

How could that not become my mantra and business name? 

I come from a great tradition of healers, freedom fighters, educators and abolitionists, it is in my DNA to keep pushing forward. Before sondai was discovered I would always tell myself “failure is not an option”. I have faltered, fallen on both knees and found myself in some precarious predicaments, but my persistence has seen me through.

So when you hear the name sondai… it is a testimony to my continuance.

The Sondai Souq

This Just In…



So… I did a bit of shopping for you. Check out what I found. Some of you know I like baubles… some of you don’t. If you didn’t… now you do.

I am in love with ear jackets and double stud earrings (thanks to the awesome Jo-Ann Enwezor). I could be late with this, maybe you already knew, but I am cool with that. Everything happens in divine time, hunty.

But aren’t they just adorable? A little flair for behind the lobe. I love the mix of edgy with classic materials. Think about this turquoise and silver with your summer whites! It adds “business” to your look. Super excited about these.

I also looked out for your mental wealth. Check out the Sondai Book Reference page for managing your plan to leaving your legacy to your children and their children. My current go to book is Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. I watched a #MentorMonday Spreecast some time ago, where Paul Carrick Brunson spoke with the good doctor about building wealth. It has shaped my mind in new ways, so I share it with you.

There is more but I will let you browse at your leisure. I will be adding more finds and updating you to them. Just had to share this this mid-morning update; too fun and exciting to keep it to myself. Check out The Sondai Souq my updated Amazon Store!


image The year 2014 is coming to an end. In the last two quarters it has been tumultuous.  Death, uprisings, political  nonsense, you name it. There is work to be done. The water is past our waist now and we need to send more buckets to bail out. If we all do our part we can survive. If not only a few will make it to start again. Invest in the renewal. Invest in your community. Lakeisha  Harrison has done what I have been mentioning in various Facebook posts that have said #buyblack. She has posted the beginnings of a list for those resources.  I have come across others and will add them on as well. The point is we need action and the tools. Empty slogans without the means to support them are futile. Strategic planning on our part is necessary.  Supporting Black owned businesses builds the efforts of power and influence. We can not gain a footing without a political,  economical,  and social/civic movement towards the cause. It was what our civil rights leaders began but we did not pick up and continue. The ball is deflated but still on the court. Someone get the air pump. I will get the polish and duster. Let’s begin the training. We will be rusty but prayerfully our coaches (elders) will get in the game as well. Aluta Continua!

Here is the List she started:

Lawyers – Any alum of Howard University School of Law

Primary Care Doctor – Dr. Theodore Watkins, 323 15th Street NE Washington, DC 20002, (202) 388-0992

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy and Sports Assessment Center 

Vegan restaurantWoodlands Vegan Bistro

CafeSankofa Café and bookstore

Clothing/accessory boutiquesNisey’s Boutique (and housewares)

Hair productsShea Moisture,  Nubian Heritage, Koumani Holistics

Face ProductsBorn in Brooklyn

Photography and graphic designSondai Expressions Creative, llc (Kimberly C. Gaines)

TheatreAfrican Continuum Theatre Company (ActCo)

Restoration Stage

Stay tuned there are more businesses. I will list them in the “Lub” section of this site. The list of entrepreneurs are indeed longer and right next door. Get to know them, it benefits us all!

My Flash is Ready!


It is that time of year again and I am itching to get the camera out for holiday parties and events. I love being the fly on the wall for organization holiday parties. If you know someone looking for a photographer  for this year’s  holiday event tell them sondai expressions creative, llc is the most reliable source to capture those office memories.