I am concerned…

The state of the world today concerns me. It has put me in a position of confusion. Do I live it up now because the chaos that is coming IS coming and is coming faster than a speeding bullet. Or do I work to combat it. Can I help stop some of the atrocities that are are occurring? I began watching VICE and have become addicted. I can not overt my eyes nor change the channel from the absurdities that are happening on so many levels across the globe. There are so many things that I have seen this evening that I do not even know how to process it or where to begin to discuss it.

For example, in comparison to the effects of global warming, uprisings in Greece, Egypt, and Italy we have uprisings in Chicago. Now… conditions are unmistakably deplorable but here in Exhibit A are the results of fleeing the Southside.

What in heaven? Tell me why have a house with a kitchen if you feed everyone McDonald’s and they eat it in the front yard? This is why I believe in exposure for all “urban” youth. Get out of your environment and see what exists beyond to instill aspiration.

I am going to go now because again. I am just confuddled and up in arms with no clue what-so-ever to do.

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