This works wonders… my elixir.

No… this is not an ode to Diana Ross. I really need to gain some damn upper body strength. What is really messed up is my flu and cold elixir is all prepped just needs to be ingested AND I CAN’T GET IN THE BOTTLE. Why? I have NO upper body strength. See it is times like this when the surface reason of wanting/needing a husband appear. “Babe, Can you take out the trash?” or “Honey, can you open this jar?”. UGH!!! I hate to say it but you know… I am old fashion and those gender roles come in handy… I am not going to lie.

Yeah… I know how to screw in a light bulb, take out the trash… I know where my sway bars are in my truck, I shovel my steps and side walk every year it snows, right out there with the men folk from my neighborhood. But dang it… if I didn’t have to I would be making greens and baking ish, doing crafts and artsy stuff. In this life, I believe we are meant to live in pairs. Noah collected two of each to take with him on the ark… I am just sayin’.

But as usual I digress. So I am all set to nip this scratchy throat in the bud AND I CAN’T GET IN THE BOTTLE! Which really sucks. I have been working around kids lately and they are germ infested because they think the know EVERYTHING. I need an immune boost. I think I am going to try coconut oil. It is good for may uses. We will see how this one works.

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