Donate to “Adopt the Beacon”


Public Art Projects in DC require a permitting process. The artists want to see the “Ward 8 Infinity Beacon” remain in the neighborhood permanently and you can help them do that.

The Community deserves art East of the River and here is a chance to make it happen and be a part of this initiative!

While temporary public art projects are cool we need to create spaces in our communities that provide hope and beauty.

Join us in the fundraising campaign to adopt The Beacon:

  • help with permitting
  • reinforce and weatherize the structure for permanency
  • provide job(s) for community member(s) to steward and maintain the area.


“The Ward 8 Infinity Beacon” created by Charneice Fox Richardson,  Kimberly C. Gaines and Noah Williams, celebrates the children of the community.  Photo mosaics were designed with pictures from W.B. Patterson Elementary School’s B.R.O.S. Program, Project Create, RichFox Photography and V. Kuroji Patrick.  The Beacon incorporates “The Beach” exhibit from the National Building Museum donated courtesy of Dupont Underground.  To see images from “The Ward 8 Infinity Beacon” up close visit