MSG got me f***** up


I learn that MSG kills brain cells. I knew it was bad for you… but that is all that was said, I never knew the exact reason why. Not that I didn’t do my best to stay away from it before that knowledge. 

One thing that I also know is that the majority of students that I’ve worked with in the past have eaten from the Chinese carry out almost everyday multiple times a day. I tell the story of being in a carryout once and hearing a little girl say… “Ok… See you tomorrow Mamasan.” The diets of our young people are not healthy. Something I have known for quite some time. I can remember kids going to 7-Eleven getting a bag of doritoes and pouring nacho cheese over them not to mention whatever sugary drink they get to go with it. Cheese on top of a powered cheese substance that undoubtedly contains MSG or Monosodium glutemate as it is spelled out on the ingredients.

We know that many of our inner city youth reside in food deserts, we understand that our young people barely eat vegetables because they don’t even understand what it does for the body. Some of them may only know of one. I swear the most popular vegetable in the black community is broccoli. And then that may be covered in cheese.
But consider this, if a young girl is pregnant, she eats carry out everyday and MSG is known to be in carry out food not to mention her craving for sugar and hot cheetoes or anything else with MSG. She ingests this processed food and she has the baby.
If we know that MSG kills brain cells then we must also realize that not only is she killing her own brain cells but what does that baby end up with if their mothers nourishment is poison?

How is it humanly possible that a large majority of our children in predominately African American inner city schools have ADHD or some kind of disorder? How can we not associate the fact that there’s a food desert with the ailments of our children? Our kids cannot focus, they’re quick to anger, they can’t comprehend instructions, and they don’t associate things that are connected. (A noun is a person, place or thing… What is a person, place, or thing called? *crickets*)

I am doing my best to impart my knowledge of photography on someone’s kids over the nex t 6 weeks or so. Every classroom I passed today, there was some teacher raising their voice to maintain order. There was some time of yelling most of the day that i was there. After a while I was yelling too. I had a colleague express to me that with the behaviors in the class “you feel like a failure.” The building is chaos and while I know these kids are amazing I also know that many of them are filled with just the right balance of meds to create the right balance in their system to calm them.

There was one incident where a young man was brought into the class and he began frantically asking for a teacher. He asked “Where is she…” someone explain where she was. Then he, at the same frantic level, asked where the other teacher was who happened to be behind him. Then he was off and running to grab a camera well after the lesson that he missed. I really thought something was wrong with him but apparently he was fine.

It is not their fault. They have so many chemicals reacting with the natural hormones and synapses in their bodies that they are just a ball of 1 second increments at any given time.

I think this video says it best… What is going into your system?

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