I Would Call Myself a Womanist before I would Ever call Myself a Feminist

The word feminism has been strewn about the media like a beach ball at an outdoor concert. I have never really taken the side of feminism because I suppose I am for what is fair and just regardless of labeling it. And while I believe that a woman has the right to do whatever her heart so desires, I personally am not interested in some things that are normally looked at as roles or responsibilities of males. (ie. I am cool on not taking out the trash or lifting heavy ‘ish. Nor am I interested in fighting any body’s war. They got that… for real. And war really? C’mon.) I recognize our physical attributes are different and I like it that way. There are some who are adamant about “Not needing a man.” I am not that chick. ‘Yes sir can you pick that up and carry it up those stairs for me? Thanks I appreciate you!’

But I digress into a trick bag of possible backlash.

I would call myself a womanist before I ever called myself a feminist. In knowing the historical context of feminism and realizing that African descendants and women of color were not involved nor included or even considered as feminist. Of course the first wave of feminism there were some “things” happening. I mean “slave vs. woman, human vs not”; I can see how that can kinda throw a monkey wrench into things. You see what I am sayin?

There were feminist that were associated with racist eugenics movements that targeted reproductive rights of African Americans. Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood would be a cleansing of the unpure. Killing of the unwanted or sterilizing the undesirables. There was someone else in history who what to do something similar… now what was his name?

Feminism has been placed on everyone from Rihanna to Amber Rose and Beyonce. All of whom are more focused on selling themselves and their respective brands vs necessarily changing the world and gaining equal pay for women. Everyone skews things to fit an agenda sadly.
But I suppose if you are journalist or pundit writing about Beyonce and calling her a feminist… well that is publicity for her regardless of whether SHE owns it or not. Because the mere mention of a song in association with that article will have people going to listen to it to see exactly what you are talking about. In fact, Beyonce should really give a cut to anyone who mentions her name. (Hey Bey… IJS)

But truly it is all semantics. Feminist, Womanist… My call would be to pay close attention to those associated with causes for whom you take up the mantle.

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