What Do Fetty Wap, My Mother, and I have in Common?

Besides the fact that we are all from New Jersey. The commonalities between my mama, Fetty Wap and myself are probably few.  But we do share one thing for sure… a serious generational divide. Being a member of Generation X and of a particular age, I have always felt like a bridge between Depression Era babies, (my grandparents),  Boomers and Millennials. Imagine a tether ball being hit from both sides and every angle – to me, that is Gen X.

In discussions with various generations spanning different circles and in different areas of the city there are a number of questions on the table that can only be answered across generations. I have always felt there has to be a solution to the turmoil our communities face. Whether it is the lack of successor-ship in government and organizational positions, the savvy yet non-political politics of the BLM movement or the seemingly apathetic approach to life we see in our youth, there is a solution… better still there are answers. I feel that this project is a stepping stone to closing the gaps within our community.

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Letters 2 a Generation (L2aG) is a project developed by moi (Kimberly C. Gaines) with the goal of igniting conversation through written language among multiple generations of African-Americans. The project will enlist participants through an open call and a curated selection process to create an inter-generational dialogue. Using the art of letter writing, each generation will craft a correspondence to a generation of their choice. Writers can pose additional questions or topics or attempt to respond to a selected letter.

Submitted letters will be posted on the L2aG website. Select letters will also be included in a 3-part series, where they will be read during a staged theatrical presentation followed by a moderated conversation with representatives of each generation.

The objective is to:

  • Engage in a cross generational dialogue, in pursuit of better understanding
  • Develop a mutual respect for differing perspectives and approaches
  • Develop an online space for continued conversation
  • Create a book documenting the process and keeping record of written accounts

Here is the link to more details!




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