It’s pronounced…

sundie pronounce

I credit southern girl Gaytra Arnold with my company name. We were sitting on the campus of Howard University coming up with business ideas and company names. She liked a few other names but to me sondai stuck. It was defined as “keep pushing forward”. I was smitten from there on, it was a directive and I was compelled to do so. It was a time were I was making new waves in my life, moving to DC sight unseen, being a college student with no supervision and so many new people and perspectives. Sondai told me to keep going regardless of not being able to see the land from which I came but continue on to greater expeditions to come.

How could that not become my mantra and business name? 

I come from a great tradition of healers, freedom fighters, educators and abolitionists, it is in my DNA to keep pushing forward. Before sondai was discovered I would always tell myself “failure is not an option”. I have faltered, fallen on both knees and found myself in some precarious predicaments, but my persistence has seen me through.

So when you hear the name sondai… it is a testimony to my continuance.

The Sondai Souq

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