Letting Mercury Win…


So I would like to think that I LET Mercury win yesterday. The truth is I think the planet had the upper hand. Have you ever just tried to keep pluggin through and everything and everyone was knocking you down at every turn? This day was one of those. KNOWING that Mercury is in Retrograde is a challenge because you really can’t tell if you, the other asshole, or that other asshole is being an asshole or if it was all just a big misunderstanding. It is so annoying.

But alas this time is about reflection, correct? It is a time to pause and consider “whassup”… what can you do better, what are you actually doing. So before I turn into Evillene out dis piece that is what I am going to do. Reflect.

I pushed the do not disturb button on the phone… in fact it is still on. I just couldn’t deal so… I took a nap. It wasn’t a bad day, just a day of I don’t  want to. Dealing with your feelings and Mercury being retrograde is no easy feat. Somedays are a real challenge, which is why I let Mercury win yesterday.

That doesn’t mean the day was a bust.

Today, I received a package that will be revealed in another blog post, I discovered a new show on HULU, caught up on all my Black•ish and developed an idea to tell my family history on a larger scale. So again not a bust. Just using this time to regroup and refresh… before I send some flying monkeys to ring Dorothy’s little neck and her little dog too.

Don’t Bring Me No Bad News…

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