Seeing is Believing


I wear glasses, as do many. I think it has to do with not eating the necessary dosage of carrots as a kid. Like many of those that wear glasses I feel that if I have to wear them they might as well look good. After all glasses wearers are fun and fashionable too. However, I learned early on that wearing glasses could sometimes eat up that extra spending money you worked so hard to save. So over the years I have been on a search to find glasses that fit my budget, because personally I would love to have a pair of glasses that match every outfit I own. That is just the fashionista in me and of course I am my mother’s child.
There are many places for funky, fresh, exciting and visually dramatic eye baubles. I am actually looking to update my look. I receive a lot of compliments on my glasses. I appreciate them all! I realize that folks have to look at me if I am in their atmosphere so I figure I should be pleasing to the eye. I hope that doesn’t come off weird… if you get it you got though. Now I can’t tell all the secrets, to be unique is to have an arsenal of tricks up your sleeve. Alas. I consider myself a great helper if I do say so myself. So with that said check out this link and find yourself some funky fresh eye candy.


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