Happy New Year! What a Way to Start!

How exciting to kick off the New Year with friends from various facets of your life. That is just what I got to do. The holidays for many can be stressful. Mostly, because as doers and givers we want everything to be perfect. But let me take this time to remind you… Perfect is only in the realm of God. We are imperfect humans looking to “git right” in what ever way that means for you and your journey.

The stress of the holiday can wear on the best of us but being able to be in the company of good people, good food, and good fun will always be a pick-me-up for the doldrums of the holidays.

One such amazing pick-me-up for me was participating in the panel for the launch of the blog The Style Etc. One of the besties has taken to cyberspace to create a blog that is available for the fashionably conscious! I am so honored to have been included in that arena . Check out the Google Hangout with S. Nicole Nelson and friends for the launch of http://www.thestyleetc.com!

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