image The year 2014 is coming to an end. In the last two quarters it has been tumultuous.  Death, uprisings, political  nonsense, you name it. There is work to be done. The water is past our waist now and we need to send more buckets to bail out. If we all do our part we can survive. If not only a few will make it to start again. Invest in the renewal. Invest in your community. Lakeisha  Harrison has done what I have been mentioning in various Facebook posts that have said #buyblack. She has posted the beginnings of a list for those resources.  I have come across others and will add them on as well. The point is we need action and the tools. Empty slogans without the means to support them are futile. Strategic planning on our part is necessary.  Supporting Black owned businesses builds the efforts of power and influence. We can not gain a footing without a political,  economical,  and social/civic movement towards the cause. It was what our civil rights leaders began but we did not pick up and continue. The ball is deflated but still on the court. Someone get the air pump. I will get the polish and duster. Let’s begin the training. We will be rusty but prayerfully our coaches (elders) will get in the game as well. Aluta Continua!

Here is the List she started:

Lawyers – Any alum of Howard University School of Law

Primary Care Doctor – Dr. Theodore Watkins, 323 15th Street NE Washington, DC 20002, (202) 388-0992

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy and Sports Assessment Center 

Vegan restaurantWoodlands Vegan Bistro

CafeSankofa Café and bookstore

Clothing/accessory boutiquesNisey’s Boutique (and housewares)

Hair productsShea Moisture,  Nubian Heritage, Koumani Holistics

Face ProductsBorn in Brooklyn

Photography and graphic designSondai Expressions Creative, llc (Kimberly C. Gaines)

TheatreAfrican Continuum Theatre Company (ActCo) http://african-continuum.org

Restoration Stage

Stay tuned there are more businesses. I will list them in the “Lub” section of this site. The list of entrepreneurs are indeed longer and right next door. Get to know them, it benefits us all!

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