Dandies, and Fashion, and Films… Oh My!

Living in DC can be a social navigational challenge.  There is no shortage of events now-a-days. Everyone  and there mother are on or forming a scene. I have my opinions  about that, but it is not the focus of this post. But errr uhhhh… for those who don’t know the art scene existed in DC before the art scene blanket that is being laid over it. I’m just sayin’.


Last week started at a refined gentleman’s party hosted by the Trystin Kier Company. The company specializes in residential and commercial Interior Design, design education, and design therapy. The Bespoke party was a fine event that provided many dandies and professional business men with an evening of good music, liquor infused cigars, specialty vodka, lapel accessories, and skin care products on a rooftop over looking the city. As a woman who loves a fashionable man it was a complete  joy being the official photographer for the event. Men of all statures, skin tones and ages… fabulous darling… simply fabulous! Here is a peek.

Nubian Hueman celebrated 1 on Saturday

Sometimes I talk about my sugar addiction (it is REAL). Well here is something I am equally addicted to – Nubian Hueman. Since finding a store that speaks to a verbal commitment I made to myself some years ago I can not resist. I will tell you more about my addiction and my commitment. Stay tuned for the full story. Until then I will leave you with some visuals.

Parallel Film Collective presents – District Riots @ Art All Night/Nuit Blanche 2014

Talk about a huge event. So proud of Ariana Austin and her team. There was art all over Washington DC happening all night! ALL NIGHT! Well at least until 3am the next morning. What was even more awesome was District Riots, curated by Jami Rambersan for Parallel Film Collective. District Riots is a dissent display of short films from around the world by filmmakers of color. It featured films from Ava Duvernay, Akosua Adoma Owusu, and many more! Folks sat down to view moving pictures at the corner of 7th and Rhode Island Aves with a mega music mix from DJ Ausar.

Action packed weekend kinda. Major love, hugs and shout outs go to Koumani Holistics for bringing out the Savory Maize. You need this popcorn if you have never had it. Also, shouts to my community partner in “hood” business Seshat Walker of The General Store. More events coming. No sleep til Brooklyn! Well… actually til Deanwood. DC Baby!


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