sondai Change my Life… Sugar Addict


On August 1st I embarked on a lifestyle change with the help of a 30 day challenge. I can’t say I was totally 100% perfect on everyday but it was definitely a big step in the right direction. It is now the month of September and I see signs of regression. However, as an active participant in my own life I am heading them off at the curve. We are presented with choices everyday. Today is no different.
September 17th has always been one of my favorite days. It is my birthday. One thing that I always enjoy on that day is… cake. Well it is now September 18th and my body and that cake are at odds. Sugar is such an evil substance. It is a manufactered drug to enable dis-ease within the body. My head feels like I have been beat about the face unrelentingly. Ugh.
These effects me think of children. I saw a mother give her child a bottle of artificial pink lemonade. God only knows the amount of sugar it contained. After the little girl drank a significant amount of this surely addictively sweet substance she was off. Climbing on tables, spinning in circles, she was so clouded with this substance she could barely listen to instructions. You could actually see her trying to understand and process what to do. Her mother was threatening her, telling her to stop doing this and that. I wanted to explain to her – it is the sugar, she is hopped up on sugar!
I may have said this before but, look at the basic food groups. What foods are actually white? Think about it. Before processing. Califlour and the inside of a potato, and that is pushing it because both are not completely bleach white or processed white. Salt is pink or black, grains are tans and beige, flour is even brown or tan according to what you make it from.
Too much table salt can cause hypertension. Too much sugar causes diabetes. These are dis-eases within the body. When we eat processed food our body’s filing system gets confused. It has no clue what to do with things beyond vegetables, minerals, grains. It has to create pockets to store the unknown items.
I admit I have a sugar addiction. I struggle with it. August let me know I can ween myself away from it, but it does rear its head and it is tempting. Sugar attacks joints, creates stiffness in the body and robs the body of essentials. I have knee and ankle trouble that worsens when I eat anything with sugar.
So the battle rages on but knowing the effects and knowing the life I want… one totally outweighs the other.

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