Almost there…


Last night was the first night in a week that I did not sleep in my oversized chair. I have been working , procrastinating,  working and procrastinating intensely for the last week… probably more. Last night marked the end of week 8 of this quarter in school. I attend Savannah College of Art and Design for my Masters in Arts Administration. It always get tight as the quarter closes out and this was a doozy. As the quarter comes to a close I am freeing up time to blog and produce. I am actually building up to vlogging. Despite, my face being plastered in newspapers or all over my Facebook page and Twitter I still have a behind-the-scenes attitude. I also have a “ok-let’s-do-it attitude as well. So imma do it. Soon. Ok back to… working and procrastinating.  I am almost done. Two more quarters after this and I am Audi 5000.

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