Look out this topic maybe loaded. Today is Valentine’s Day.  I wasn’t going to say anything about it but I received a couple Valentine’s via text so I feel compelled to talk about it.

I am a single woman. Been that way technically for 38 years, well less pre- puberty because I was just a girl. No one has actually put a ring on it. There were discussions yet no follow through. I think the follow through is the part that counts. I always seem to be the most single on Valentine’s Day.  I think there was one time I was actually in a relationship on this day. I was hoping for chocolate covered strawberries from Whole Foods and I got a kitchenette, table and tools. Not romantic at all. But it was sweet none-the-less.

So normally this day is regular. I don’t like seeing all of the balloons that will most likely be lost and deteriorate the ozone layer even more.  The overt PDAs that I don’t need to see on a regular day seem doubled. OH! And then there are the Valentine’s Day arguments.  Really? C’mon.

When I love it is daily. Giving big ass balloons is not a sign of affection,  it is more pom and circumstance. Flowers should be regular. Maybe not everyday but frequent. Let’s keep our local florists in business throughout the year. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for chocolate vodka infused chocolate covered strawberries.  Of course homemade.

Valentine’s Day is not the only day of the year that love should intensify. What kind of music does that make? With such a crescendo you would expect that to be an end. And in many cases it is an end because people, unfortunately,  women put such high expectations on men (or their mate) during this overly commercial holiday. Pressure causes all kinds of issues.

I am not in any way opposed to the holiday. I just think somethings are unnecessary.  Love in a relationship should be mutual, daily and balanced. I love that new commercial on television. It is a family of four doing things together. A little boy and girl and the husband and wife. They are baking, washing dishes and settle down to a movie. The wife nudges the husband with the kids in between them on the couch. She gives him a card. I remember the cover says “I am here and you’re there…” the inside is a little faint in memory but the gist was I miss being together. The husband closes the card and leans in for the kiss over the kids. The kids are like “ewww…” which was cute. SURE… it was a commercial for Valentine’s Day but there was nothing over the top. The woman gave the man a card which was nice for a change and the love was everyday love.

The point is don’t love harder today than yesterday. Keep the balance.

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