Process vs. Whole


Can someone explain to me why in the hell I would get on a diet plan that requires me to eat process foods versus whole foods? Think about it…

Done thinking? Good. Now answer this… which is better for you? I will wait…

Hopefully you said whole food. No. No. I am not talking about the market. I mean actual veggies and fruits and such. Do you know the reason why some people fail on those diets with the purchased meals? Because in order to maintain the weight that is lost you have to continually eat processed foods. There is no way to get off of it.

Foods that contain words that you can’t pronounce are usually not the best for you. Think about this… If our body has these organs to breakdown food the complexity of this task should not be made even more complex by the foods we eat. You eat a banana, your body says hey “I sense potassium lets break this down and send it to the muscles so they don’t atrophy. They will do the rest.” You eat a gummy bear it says, “Incoming. Not sure what this is. Send this to the fat storage we may need it for later… once we figure out what it is.”

Our bodies are an exact science. More often than not we turn them into science experiments. My goal is to get better. I work hard to stay on the peripherals of the grocery store. That is where the produce, grains and meats are. When you start heading to the center of the store the words are harder to pronounce.

I enjoy cooking. Creating new dishes from scratch. It feeds my creativity and my sense of silly, because I do pretend like I am on a cooking show. I won’t even lie. I buy fresh over frozen, dry over canned. The only isles that I venture to in the center of the store include the cereal isle for Wheaties, pasta and sauce on occasion and spices. I have to add flavor. I was reading the Weight Watchers site and spices were not listed in the caloric count. The intake on veggies was almost unlimited. That is because they are WHOLE not processed. I am certainly not an expert. But I do know that eating foods like a cucumber or an orange is better than a power bar or fruit gummies. I am not perfect, surely there are some unpronounceable items in my kitchen cabinets but the goal it 90% whole at the very least.
Eat better. Feel better.

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