Is My Face Red?

Have you ever just felt yourself becoming heated? Like if you had a thermometer in your mouth it would be one of those cartoon bubbles that would be fire engine red and burst at the end. It was much like that. I was standing there talking and slowly I just felt my face getting redder. I was aware of my heart and I swear my adrenaline was on the move! There are somethings that get me vexed, like trying guilt me into anything or making me feel bad about a choice or decision I have made. Another would be when I express to you that I am unable to do or participate in something. You know when I have the moment of “No” after already doing one thousand things and wholeheartedly participating in the past. Throwing something in my face like “oh now I have to do it” is not a good move. Especially, when I never agreed to do it in the first place. Let me just tell you that is the surest way to get jooked in the neck on accident.  Why on accident… because I am a lover not a fighter. But I will express to you how you are NOT going to brush me off or try reverse psychology or guilt me or manipulate me in to changing my mind, that will be the last time you EVER have to speak or look in my direction.
Sorry… my nostrils just flared.

Those who know me know I can be overly generous.  I list it as both a strength and a weakness.  I learned some years ago that people will take advantage of you for their benefit. At this age I ain’t gonna be bothered with any folks of that mindset. It is disheartening that there are people like that in the world. The “what-can-i-get” folks prayerfully do not outnumber the “what-can-i-give” folks. Because in giving you most definitely receive.

I slept on it and I am much less red from the elevated blood pressure that I had. I also identified another wolf and sheep’s clothing. The distance is set. No worries. 

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