Head, Shoulder KNEES and Toes

Back in the NOT SO distant past I was an avid dancer. Not on stage… I got no money to “perform” but I would sure enough find some space on the dance floor. I can remember the day that my knee did not agree to continue with my dance fun. DJ Stylus and Jahsonic were just beginning their long career of jacking bodies and making rooms sweat. AKA the days before Axel F was even born. It felt like a piece of bone lodged in my patella. I actually had to hobble to the car. I could not really straighten it or put pressure on in. It was horrible. It happened like 25 minutes before the end of the party. I was blown. Disappointed that I could not dance for the rest of the night. Once I got home my answer was to sleep it off, which is generally my answer to all pain. I should have gone to the hospital for X rays with the piercing pain that accompanied the position my knee was in. But nope. I did eventually go to the doctor and found out that I had a degenerative meniscus.  Basically,  cartilage was slowly disappearing from my knee. So there are certain things my body does not do at this particular junction.  Swat, run, jump or kneel. Notice dance is not listed. I still love to dance. So I do. Now mind you I hear my knee anytime I walk up or down steps. Repetitive motion causes my bones to rub together and my knees (and ankles) snap, crackle and pop. Standing from a seated position they pop. Sitting… normally I flop. I am too young for this I swear. As a pro natural healing gal… herbs were/are my go to. However, they weren’t/aren’t preventative. Take for instance tumeric. It is an awesome herb for many things that ail ya. Inflammation around the knees after dancing is what I used tumeric for. It worked. However,  it don’t work if you don’t remember to take it. Having a serious distaste of swallowing pills can be an issue.  I can remember one time I went all health commando and decided I would do a clove of garlic a day. I was becoming a pro. This one particular day the clove was bigger than I expected.  I swallowed but it lodged in my throat.  I lived alone and I was shook. “OH MY God I am going to die from swallowing garlic.” Is all I could think. Obviously,  I didn’t because I am here telling the story. So… I don’t like pills, therefore I conveniently forget to take them. Well someone heard my whining because they made Joint Juice.  Have you seen the size of a chondroitin/glucosamine tablet… remember those pink erasers in elementary school?  It might as well be that size. Joint Juice is 8 oz of cranberry and pomegranate and other stuff plus good stuff for your joints. I am bending at the knees… Watch out next thing you know… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC6RSQD2HOI

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