There is Fruit at my Front Door

I ate two of the worst meals I could have ever eaten. Mainly, because of poor planning. The first… McDonald’s. You don’t even need to know what it was. If it was from there it really doesn’t matter what it was. Even their fruit isn’t good for you. The second was bourbon chicken and fried rice from what was known at a “Thai Kitchen”. I had to ask the lady what on that buffet that I was looking at was thai… There was no basil, no coconut. The only thing with any pepper was bland. How is that even possible? But again because of poor planning, I ate it. OH but I am also paying for it because in my half ass healthy way I have also been taking supplements… one called colon cleanse. (the nastiest stuff ever mind you) So at this point my stomach is on quiver. Have you ever had that happen to you? Your stomach feels like it is shivering from cold but it is really in shock because you put some nasty stuff in it. *sigh* I do that. Sometimes it is mindless. Sometimes I have a mental conversation that says “you should not eat the entire bag”… on the last bite.

And when I get this feeling (no not sexual healing) I always say… “I am never doing this again.” But I am here to tell you I have lied to myself with that story too many times to believe me anymore. Sad I know.

I was turned on to this delivery service maybe a year or two ago. My girl Charneice said she got organic veggies and fruits delivered to her door. I thought YEAH! I can to that too. So I did it. Then they went out of business. SO I found Washington Green Grocer a similar service of course different company. But then money got tight… I found myself with more veggies than I needed or wanted at one time. Remember, I am a single woman I do not need to cook for an army even though I seem to. I just got overwhelmed so I put my deliveries on hold. Well they are about to resume and I am excited and in need. Soon there will be fruit at my front door again.

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  1. notsosnarky says:

    When I was going through a really busy time in life WGG was a savior.

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Great….I am so happy for you!

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