What a Girl Wants…


OK… This will more than likely be a space of over shared information (we will see) I am just in that space of… “Judge me if you want, it makes me no never mind. Nice to be thought about.” There are some things I have learned over the years, some things I have neglected and some things I have gotten right. If it comes  up on this blog it will probably reflect the neglected on the road to learning how to get it right.

I will share products that you absolutely must have. And products that should NEVA buy. Places that you must get to and places that make my nostrils flare… best believe if my nostrils flare… there is not a place you need to see.

I needed some fresh blood, so this blog will be that for me. I realized creating a space on the web that cordoned off certain parts of my personality or my interests was obviously not working. While I love my old blog I wasn’t a champion for it. It spoke to only a certain segment of me.

I am a whole person. Flaws and all.

If I see and I like I am linking it, talking about it, bigging it up… whatever I feel. If I mess up… I will edit and repost. This is what I want and you will learn more of what I want as time goes on. If you think it is self-centered, you haven’t begun to know who I am and maybe you should move to another page. I want you to stay but if you can’t handle it I am ok with losing you on this trip.

I am reviving old shit from when I grew up because it was great then and needs to be known now… how great it still is. Like The Pointer Sister’s style, and Chaka Khan’s Papillon or the meaning of Olivia Lost and Turned Out… and why we need to listen and get our daughters and sons out these streets.

But I digress and before I turn this into a dissertation I will end here…

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